Frequently Asked Questions

  • My dachshund is 19” around the girth but only 14” in length. What size should I order?

Order the L 18” as that has the correct girth size. Then tell me in notes at checkout the exact length you need.                                                                                         

  • My dachshund is very slim but rather long and the length needed would be too wide for her. 

Order the correct girth size and tell me her length at checkout. There will be an increase in price if there's a significant difference and I will advise. 


  • My puppy is only 10 weeks old and I’ve ordered a 10” Jumper. Could you make it a bit bigger to allow for growth. 

No, sorry, you need to order for anticipated growing room.


  • I’ve received an email from you telling me my order is in the diary for 4th February. Will it be delivered that day? 
When I receive an order, I add it to my order list in the diary. The date I give you is the date I will begin to make your order and the time taken depends on style of jumper and how many items are ordered. 

  • You’ve given me a date and it’s far too long to wait. I’d like a refund. 

You will have hopefully checked out Order Status before completing your order. If you didn’t and want to cancel, I will refund.

  • You don’t have any drop down boxes for me to choose a colour for my jumper. How do I make a choice? 

As there are so many different colours available I don’t have each colour listed. There will be colour charts included in photos of each jumper. Take a look at shades and let me know your preference in notes at checkout.                                                                   

  • I’ve returned a jumper to you as it was too long. Why are you charging me to alter it? 

If I provided you with a jumper that measures to the size you ordered and I have to alter it, it takes time and if larger, more yarn to do so. I therefore charge for my time, materials and return postage. If I have sent you the wrong size then there would be no charge and a humble apology!